Sugary Drinks : How Taxes Led to Big Increases

Sugary Drinks : How Taxes Led to Big Increases

Guess what happened when the prices of Sugary drinks went up? People bought 33% fewer of them! It’s like magic – but it’s actually a study that tells us how much our choices can change when things cost a bit more.

Sugary drinks : Meet the Drink Detective! 🕵️‍♂️

A cool detective named Scott Kaplan did the study. He wanted to know if raising the prices of sodas, coffees, and other sweet drinks would make people buy less. And guess what? It really did!

Sugary Drinks : How Taxes Led to Big Increases

Sugary drinks : Why Did Prices Go Up?

So, some cities in the US decided to make sugary drinks a bit more expensive – by about 31%. They did this to see if it would help people make healthier choices. And you know what? It worked!

Every Penny Counts!

Scott Kaplan, our detective, found out that for every penny (or 1%) more the drinks cost, people bought 1% less of them. It’s like saying, “Hmm, maybe I’ll choose something else today.”

Sugary drinks : Quick Changes!

Guess what’s cool? People didn’t take a long time to change their minds. As soon as the prices went up, they started picking different drinks. And this went on for three whole years!

What Do the Drink Makers Say?

The people who make the drinks said, “Hey, these taxes are not cool! They don’t help anyone.” They think it hurts the people who make the drinks and the folks who buy them. But others say, “Well, it’s making us choose healthier stuff!”

Changing Choices!

The drink makers say they’re making drinks with less sugar, smaller sizes, and clear info about calories. And you know what? More and more people are picking drinks with zero sugar. It’s like saying, “Let’s choose tasty but healthy!”

Why Worry About Sugary Drinks?

Okay, here’s the thing – drinks with lots of sugar aren’t good for us. They can make us sick with things like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and more. Even having one sugary drink every day can be risky for our hearts.

Magic Numbers: 60% Less Sugar!

Now, here’s a magic number – almost 60% of drinks sold have zero sugar! That means more people are choosing drinks that won’t make them sick. And the calories we get from drinks are the lowest they’ve been in a super long time!

Let’s Choose Better!

So, what’s the lesson here? When we have more choices that are good for us, it’s like creating a rainbow of healthy drinks. Maybe we can all start picking things that make our bodies happy and strong!

Cheers to Healthier Sips!

Here’s to more people saying, “I want drinks that are tasty and good for me!” Let’s make every sip count and keep our bodies smiling!