Beerded Ladies

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This website is devoted to craft beer reviews, sudsy events, brewery tourism, stunning beertography, bad puns, offbeat beer pairings, dispatches from behind the bar and general beverage snobbery where we can apply terms like "biscuity" and talk about hop profiles.

Meet the Ladies.

Interested in hosting a beer dinner, promotional event or in-home tasting party? Let us do the work!

As beer experts with years of event production, serving and teaching experience under our belts, we look forward to helping you and your guests navigate the exciting world of craft beer. From private dinner pairings to hands-on classes to casual office parties, a Beerded Ladies craft beer tasting adds a unique twist to your next event. We'll bring the beer -- you bring the party.

 The Package
We're always happy to tailor our presentation to your individual interests, tastes and needs. Once you book, we'll work together to determine the most suitable format for your event. We go through a network of breweries and bottle shops to offer a wide range of seasonal and rare brews and can hand pick a selection just for you. Meredith, a certified NYC Sightseeing Guide with a background in education, beer writing and event production, offers a historical, scientific and gastronomical overview of the craft beer movement, while hospitality professionals Hayley and Megan walk you through carefully curated tastings. Our team keeps the beer flowing and your party seamlessly organized so you can sit back and enjoy the fun.

Pricing & Details 
The Beerded Ladies are located in Brooklyn and are open to events of all sizes throughout the Tri-State area. Email us for estimates and additional information.