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NYC Brewery Tour Video Collab: The Complete Series!

So, Hayley and I got wrangled into collaborating with the brilliant minds over at Urban Oyster and Eat This NY for a series of short videos focusing on the burgeoning NYC craft beer scene. Now that we've gathered a critical mass, I'm posting all the silly little vids here in one place. Enjoy these visits to SingleCut Beersmiths, Rockaway Brewing Co., Other Half Brewing, Big Alice Brewing and Dirck the Norseman.

Check 'em out, have a laugh and learn a thing!

Eat This NY's Brian believes he is an expert on the NYC brewery scene, but gets a wake up call from Meredith of Beerded Ladies about the new and exciting brewery scene all across the five boroughs when he wakes up on the last subway stop in Queens.
On episode 2, Eat This NY's Brian stumbles upon Meredith from Beerded Ladies doing some research for Urban Oyster's NYC Brewery Tour when he makes a wrong turn. The research involves drinking lots of Rockaway Brewing Company's traditional and high quality beers. Perfect for a day at the beach.
After leading Urban Oyster's Brownstone Brooklyn tour, Brian from Eat This NY gets asked some questions about the NYC brewery scene. Good thing Beerded Ladies' Meredith is walking by to answer them and bring them to Other Half Brewing where they specialize in hop-forward beers.
Eat This NY's Brian has just picked up a big bag of produce, but doesn't realize there's a similar concept in beer. Meredith from Beerded Ladies introduces him to another stop on Urban Oyster's NYC Brewery Tour: Big Alice and their unique, one-of-a-kind large format beers.
Eat This NY's Brian is about to chow down on some serious bar food at Dirck the Norseman when Meredith from Beerded Ladies surprises him with news of a brewery in the back of the bar. It's called Greenpoint Beer and Ale Co. and you can visit this traditional brewpub on Urban Oyster's NYC brewery tour.