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Brewse Cruise

Gilded Otter Brewpub, New Paltz, NY


A Sunday trip upstate led us to the Gilded Otter brewpub in New Paltz, NY (but don't click on that link, because their website is horrendous). The "Garden Party" featured 8 three ounce pours on an adorable little pizza peel thing. They include six of their own craft brews, one Black & Tan and one additional glass of Doc's cider to finish it off. 

The place was all quant and nice and I liked that the brewing equipment was right there in the center of the restaurant instead of hidden away in some back warehouse you have to creepily peer through windows to see. We were surrounded by some serious looking copper boiler kettles, too.

The beers, truth be told, were lacking. The Huguenot St. American Lager, at 3.8%, was mild with no bite -- super bisquity with a strong yeasty finish. Not my thing. The IPA was similarly disappointing and only 5.2%. It's lame gravity was matched by its lame hop profile, with a little bit of pine and no kick at all. I felt similarly about the Amber and the Scottish Ale -- low gravity, bland and malty. The stars of the party, if you will, were the cream stout and the pale, which were nice and drinkable. The Stone House Cream Stout had a pretty head and a smooth, roasty body (6.2%), while the Rail Trail Pale Ale had crisp floral notes and lots of fresh grapefruit on the palate (5.2%).

If you find yourself upstate on a rainy sunday, get a pint of the stout and forego the Garden Party -- it's not worth the price of admission.