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Winter is hard on the bar. The register gets a little rusty, and the low temperatures keep the amateurs at bay. Only the determined will make it out, and only the dedicated will stay out. On these dark and slow nights, the bar becomes a clubhouse of vetted members. The same faces keep showing up, and these are your Winter Regulars. The Winter Regulars are not your average regulars -- they are better.


They are better because they choose the bar, not out of social circumstance, not out of convenience, but by their internal compass. The divining rod within! Their guts! In search of warmth, they choose our hearth.

They are a diverse bunch, but they all have me in common. I say “me”, not “the bar”, because these are the folks I get to know better than the rest. They are the folks who keep me entertained as I try to entertain them, as last call crawls just a little bit closer. We’re clocking some serious time.

Now, I’ve noticed there are some reoccurring conversations and events that comprise this special companionship -- and they are not different than what you would imagine to happen among a group of strangers stranded on a desert island, or a long car ride -- just heavily influenced by alcohol. 


My next few posts will be dedicated to these themes, which I’ve generalized into 3 categories: JOKES, GAMES, and BEER ANECDOTES. I’ve purposely excluded LONG WINDED PERSONAL STORIES, because, well, yeah, no body wants to hear about that.