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Tap Talk

Beer Is Beautiful


We’ve seen the photos. They are all over Tumblr and Instagram. The billboards and subway ads, too. The heavenly body of beer. 

According to US advertising restrictions, each beer commercial is restricted in the following ways:

  • it may not be aimed specifically at minors or, in particular, depict minors consuming these beverages;
  • it shall not link the consumption of alcohol to enhanced physical performance or to driving;
  • it shall not create the impression that the consumption of alcohol contributes towards social or sexual success;
  • it shall not claim that alcohol has therapeutic qualities or that it is a stimulant, a sedative or a means of resolving personal conflicts;
  •  it shall not encourage immoderate consumption of alcohol or present abstinence or moderation in a negative light;
  • it shall not place emphasis on high alcoholic content as being a positive quality of the beverages.

Also, TV commercials never depict people actually consuming alcohol. Imagine a car commercial where the car stays perfectly still. A sleeping pill commercial where no body is sleeping. But what we can do is show what people might look like just before they are drinking, perhaps even holding the drink. And we can show the beer by itself. Or even becoming itself. Picture the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory montage, or better yet – the pour of the pint. The pornographic, up close, slow motion, full frontal, perfect pour from tap to glass. Yeeeah, tap that glass.

Bud Ad

There are certain times of the evening, when the sun setting will reflect on storefront windows across the street, bouncing beams back across the bar. One of these strands of light passes through the line of taps. On more than one occasion – pouring a pint of amber or lager, the swarming bubbles coalescing into a soft foam, the sun turning the glass into a bulb, glowing gold – I’ve been mesmerized. Beer is beautiful.


- KG