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New Beer's Resolution

Hayley Kicks off the Brew Year with a Challenge


What type of beer do you hate?  Well, hate might be a strong word. What type of beer do you completely bipass every time you find yourself staring at a list?  For me it's sours, because, well, ish. Fortunately, there aren't a lot of sour ales out there to which I concluded, no one likes sours... 

But I was wrong. Sour ales are fascinating. The process of brewing sours is painstaking and risky with brewers waiting some three years for ales to develop before they know if they have a high quality sour or undrinkable garbage. The process is also dangerous. While some brewers allow for spontaneous fermentation -- allowing the pre-fermented beer to be exposed to wild yeast already in the air -- most add souring bacteria and Brettanomyces yeast. 

"...Brettanomyces can easily survive in low-nutrient environments — it doesn’t die easily, especially in wood. Working with Brettanomyces risks contaminating everything it contacts — barrels and work aprons, stainless steel tanks and batches of beer.

Russian River uses all four strains of Brettanomyces commercially available to brewers, even though the yeasts could destroy 90 percent of the brewery’s beers that aren’t supposed to be sour. To avoid cross-contamination, Mr. Cilurzo limits Brettanomyces brewing to a specific area and equipment. Brewers working in that space aren’t allowed to enter other parts of the brewery on the same day and are encouraged to wash their clothes after work." - NYT

Danger, uniqueness, history, passion, hate, love: everything I would want in a man beer if I was to choose based off of sheer description. 


Meredith hates German Lagers.  


They're boring and tasteless and bland and low alcohol and one note and run on sentences

Why should you give them a shot? 

Because they have a lot of history and serious beer drinkers like them. And I work at a museum that just dedicated an entire permanent exhibit to them.

There is not one type of beer that Khara hates.

I am astounded by this, as well as impressed. This is the reason for the New Beer's Resolution -- to begin the journey of opening one's palate to any and every variety; to achieve a of oneness with beer. If you have not yet reached this divine point, I challenge you as a serious lover of beer to begin this journey with me. I'll see you at the top.