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Are you there, beer? It's me, Hayley.

What do moms want for Mother's Day?


I'm not sure. In lieu of offspring and in place of always a bouquet of Lilies, this year I'd love for a fantastic craft beer to be my Mother's Day present. BUT, unless it's Heineken my mom doesn't usually drink beer. Many moms don't drink beer at all and for a number of good reasons. They avoid carbs and yeast because getting older means quirkier digestion and easy weight gain. They don't like anything too strong tasting, for reasons Google can't seem to explain though I can verify through experience. 

That could all change this Mother's Day...

Take mom on a brewery tour! Take her! Take her! She shall see! (Green Eggs and Ham, you learned from that book!) You know the right thing to do. And The Pink Boots Society's president Teri Fahrendorf, has urged all brewpubs and packaging breweries to offer tours and beer samplings this coming Sunday, for Mother's Day. And for good reason...

"At one time, all beer was brewed by mothers in their homes for their family," Fahrendorf says. But the Industrial Revolution turned a household activity into a business, and brewing became stereotyped as a big-muscle, men-only job." - Washington Post


If there's no accessible brewery in your area, here's a couple of beers that you could bring in a lovely basket - with flowers - to a Mother's Day brunch that you prepared BECAUSE IT'S MOTHER'S DAY AND YOUCANCOOKFORONCEGODDAMNIT!

If your mom usually drinks:

1.WINE, go with a Sour or Saison.

Mom's LOVE wine. If this is your mom's drink of choice get her a beer with similar palate points. Like Goose Island Lolita, a Belgian style pale ale/sour and aged on raspberries and wine barrels. It has bright jammy fruit flavors and is crisp and refreshing. Or go for the Jolly Pumpkin Bam Noire which would be a fantastic red wine replacement. Dark and smooth with hints of sweet plum, and cacao with just enough tartness to let you know it's a Saison.  

2. ROLLING ROCK (or similar), try a Session IPA or a light Hefeweizen.

Can't go wrong with Rogue's MoM which is a tasty light Hefeweizen that is brewed with rose petals. Or the Founder's All Day IPA which is not only a pretty 4.7% ABV but is deliciously malty enough to ease mom into the amazing world of craft IPAs.

3. HEINEKEN... ugh, I mean...

This is tough. I've gotten this question a handful of times at the bar I work at, "Do you have anything on tap that's like Heineken " No. There's nothing that's quite like it; it is in a category of terrible all it's own. If your mom has a particular enough taste that this is her beer of choice, I'd go all the way with a really nice IPA. The Stone Enjoy By 05.17.13 is FANTASTIC. Eleven different hops added at all points of the brew process. It's a veritable hop party in your mouth! 

Take the plunge. If she hates it, make it a joke and say "just kidding" and pull out a six pack of Heineken or some Black Box red wine that you've already chilled in the fridge. Works. Every. Time.