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Twas the Night Before Christmas Beer

The poem 'Twas the night before Christmas Beer' will redefine your image of the Christmas Beer. Prior to the creation of this poem, Christmas Beer's history was not widely known because it was always told in a way that was boring. Now you can bring your family of beer lovers together round the fireplace with your favorite holiday brew and enjoy a new Christmas Classic;  the story of the Christmas Beer.



Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
There was beer that was brewing, with spices and malts

The recipe goes back, long before you and I
And it does not begin with the Belgians (no lie!)

Twas the Norse who invented this spirit with cheer
To be brewed in all homes for this time of year
Twas against the law not to, so brew it they would
Every house, every year, for King Haakon the Good

The tradition continued, from the 900's on
A beer brewed for Christmas; it was usually strong
And time it did pass, and tradition it grew
The style it did vary, and the name it did too

On Juleøl and Julebryg and Bières de Noël
Winter warmers too, let's include them as well

Though they are brewed (mostly) as English Strong Ales
Speaking of which, I must tell a tale...

When Christmas Beer made it to England for brewin'
Like most things eventually, the English did ruin
Did you know good beer lovers, that Stella Artois
Was originally brewed as a Christmas Beer?! Whaaa???

But back to the poem, for the story goes on
In America! Where Christmas tradition is strong,
Craft Beer giant Anchor, of the known Anchor Steam
Were the first to brew beer, with this joyous theme

The first year it was brewed was in '75
Go see all the labels, on their website, archived
Since that first year of brewing and ever year after

They form a new recipe, true Christmas Beer crafters

Now Rogue and Full Sail and more brew this ale
And in most beer shops, you can find it for sale
They're spiced or non spiced, they're dark or they're light
Most are still quite strong, so plan out your night!

"I don't celebrate Christmas, for I am a Jew."
Well don't worry, they brew beers for Hanukkah too!
Or there's Festivus beers, most everyone's set!
Though sadly there are no Kwanzaa beers, (yet...)

And thus is the story of the famed Christmas Beer
I hope it informed you and brought joy to your ears
But now I must go, into bed I must sink
Merry Christmas to all! (I've had too much to drink.)