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Are you there, beer? It's me, Hayley.

What beer pairs best with cleaning up after Sandy?


It’s been nearly four months since Hurricane Superstorm Sandy and small specs of hope are begining to emerge for the monstrous piles of rubble and sand. One in particular to note is this collab’ brew between Brewery Ommegang and Barrier Brewing.

Barrier Brewer Craig Frymark says it all,

“That’s exactly the kind of beer I’d like to drink while I’m cleaning up our brewery.” - WBNG-TV

I couldn’t agree more. Light, with just enough hoppyness to balance the strong Belgiany-ness that is Ommegang’s signature. Bonus: you don’t have to be shoveling sand while drinking this beer to help with the relief efforts. All proceeds from this delicious brew go directly towards helping Barrier Brewing get back on their feet. Search here to find where Barrier Relief is pouring near you and grab a pint!


Are you there, beer? It's me, Hayley.

Happy New Beer!


Balls are dropping, bottles are popping and there are an endless amount of meaningless Bowl games on TV. It’s the start of another calendar year! Hurray! (Who cares?!) Time to grab the perfect craft beer to mark this occasion. If you are currently…

At home in your pajamas


Grab a six pack of Oskar Blues G’Knight (or any Imperial Brew) and call me on Skype.

10… 9… 8…

BYOB’ing it to your friend’s/family’s/boss’s party


Four words: craft beer variety pack. I know it makes you look like you put zero effort into picking out your brews, but not only is that the truth, it's best way to please a handful of people and re-introduce yourself as a craft beer connoisseur. If you have time to order online, Beer On The Wall. If you’re frantically trying to decide what to wear, check out stores that allow you to create your own variety packs from their beer selection (Trader Joes is one) OR, be crafty while buying craft and head to any liquor store for 3 six-packs; one Wheat, an IPA, and a Dark Ale or Amber. You and everyone else will be happy. 

7… 6… 5…



Me too. Sucks. (So you can’t actually call me on Skype, sorry.) But you’re going to make money, so spend some cash on some good craft beer to come home to. One 22 oz bottle of something you haven’t tasted, bonus points for a brewery you’re never tried. A new experience for the New Year. 

4… 3… 2… 1…

Happy. New. Year.