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Shower Beer!


The other day my friend Whitney got a text from her friend: "Why is beer always more refreshing in the shower?" Whitney turned to me with a smile and a nod of acknowledgement. I starred back blankly, confused.

"You've never had a shower beer?" she asked.

"No," I replied. And at that moment another thought occurred to me: I've never lived.

Whitney tried to be sympathetic and explain that this was something she learned from "a true alcoholic." But it took two clicks on Google to realize that alcoholism is not what's necessary to be familiar with the shower beer.

Hell, these guys started a business based on it. As Co-Founder (or whatever) of Shakoolie, Zach Walsh explains:

"The shower beer is different for everyone. It could be the end to a bad day or the start to a good day. Either way, it is a point of enjoyment for anyone who partakes. That's where Shakoolie focuses--let's make this experience that people look forward to better and easier." -

Courtesy Shakoolie, here's a handy diagram of where NOT to put your shower beer, aka you totes def need a Shakoolie.


BUT WAIT!!! I HATE drinking out of bottles and cans. How can I have a shower beer?!

TUBMUG to the rescue!


"If there's anything better than a hot shower and a cold beer, we don't want to know about it." -

Note: TubMug creators do not want to know about 95% of the things I could share with them.

If you are also new to the shower beer and are now sorting through this wealth of information (TubMug? Toilet beer?) please remember one thing: YOU'RE ABOUT TO DRINK A BEER IN THE SHOWER. So you know, stick with the theme and go with what's cheap and easy.

Here are my instructions:

Step 1: If you have a stable corner located in your shower ABOVE where water is pouring out onto your body, place your cold beer there and enjoy!

Step 2: If you do not, take a shower and wait to drink your beer later for Christ's sake.

Step 3: If neither of these is an option, leave the water off, put on a bike helmet and stand in your shower with a beer.

Still counts.