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Peekskill Beer Diner at The Vanderbilt

PEEKSKILL BREWERY TAP TAKEOVER happening Thursday, August 28th at The Vanderbilt in Brooklyn.

All 8 lines will be Peekskill only, a great way to get a brewery tasting if you can't make it up to their Hudson riverfront location or to get more of what you already love right in good 'ole Brooklyn.

Along with the tap takeover, chef will be offering a $50 beer and food tasting menu: 8 craft beers paired with 8 specially prepared small dishes. The beers will be on until they kick, so come early in the week to get the full preview and come Thursday for the chef's pairings!

Zizania-Chilled Corn Soup with Smoked Oyster 
Simple Sour-Bao Dumpling & Grilled Duck Wing
NYPA-Beef Tartare with Gooseberry & Shaved Egg Yolk
Styriana-Rye Gnocchi with Roasted Grapes & Tomatoes
Eastern Standard-Monkfish with Kale, Late Summer Squash
Share the Rainbow-Sunflower & Lemon Salad
Hop Common-Rabbit Roulade with Cherry Olives & Truffle
Yeah Jeets-Pine & Apple Donut