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Brooklyn Wort at Threes Brewing

Brooklyn Wort is back!

Join us to taste 30 varieties of beer from the borough's finest homebrewers. We asked brewers to submit a sample beer in a preliminary round in order to ensure that the best beers are represented at the tasting. We have blindly tasted over 50 beers. The top 30 beers/brewers will be featured on October 12th. The $45 entrance fee to one of the tasting times includes a taste of all 30 beers, a delicious plate of food, a tasting glass to take home and a chance to vote for your favorite beer. You can also feel free to hang around for a while and mingle and talk beer with all the brewers.

The location will be at the brand new Threes Brewing. The winner of the Brooklyn Wort will be based on the best overall beer. There will be no style guidelines. The total prize money is $1,000. This includes $750 for the hand-picked Judges Panel and $250 for the People's Choice Award.

Here are the top 30, in no particular order:
Shannon Bowser (!!!)
Jon Luton
Peter Aronoff
Alexis Phillips
Alex Biedermann
Jason Sahler
Anothony DiPrimio
Mike DeCleene
Arend Thorp
Isabel Alcantara
Erik Schneebeck
Aaron Levy
Alex Kalaf
Jeremy Vallimont
Dan Brown
Matt Federico 
Anderson Marte
Joe Konczynski
Alastair Hames
Brett Taylor
Paul Camarca
Patrick Wade
Eric Blaine
Brian Craine
Anthony Lazaro
Sam Wilken
Heiko Giesberg
Christopher Bonacorsa
Andrew Lowden & Cooper Nelson
Michael O'Neal